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  • From: Andrew Ebling <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 15 Nov 2002 10:37:32 +0000

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 09:59, Fredrik Torefeldt wrote:

> My name is Fredrik, but I use the alias NEA on forums.

Hi Fredirk and welcome to the list!

> Been doing music with computers since 87-88. Started out with an Amiga 
> running soundtracker, 
> moved to Bars & Pipes and now I have a PC with Massiva, Energy PRO, JXsynth 
> and alot of freebies. 

I very nearly bought an Amiga 500 off a friend 10 years ago... I was
blown away when I saw his machine playing a 4 track module ;-).  Then he
said it could do 8 tracks if you reduced the quality slightly 8-).

I'm still amazed at what can be done with trackers like fasttracker and
impulse tracker, I have a large collection of modules that I listen to
from time to time, just to remind me that good music is about the
composition, not the flash tools you use to make it.

> I have just ordered FL full so I'm waiting for the regcode (anyone knows how 
> long it should take?). 

Shouldn't take very long, I'd imagine you'll get it today and certainly
with 48 hours.  If you don't get it with 48 hours, email them.

> I downloaded the demo of FL a month ago or so, and I couldn't stop using it. 
> It's so easy to get something good out of it. And you find new things to try 
> every time :)

I'm still finding new stuff after intensively using it since the start
of this year.  Even once you have mastered all the features, there are
still heaps of less obvious uses and abuses for the farious features and

> I'll probably use FL inside Massiva as a VSTi, but some sketches and stuff 
> will be made in FL.

Massiva is one of those apps I've heard about but never really checked
out.  I'd be interested to know how you get on with using fruity VSTi
inside it, especially the multiple output version.  Last time I tried
using the multi out version with muzys, it was using 50% of the CPU
before I even loaded a song up in fruityloops, let alone played anything
or used any effects.

Don't under estimate the power of fruityloops; I'm currently using it to
churn out entire tracks.  You need a fast CPU do to this (depends how
many effects and instruments you like to use though), but it is possible
to work very quickly... very important when the inspiration starts to

> Current setup:
> Intel PIII 900, AudioTrak MAYA 44, cheap headphones (OMG I want a pair of 
> Beyerdynamics 770 PRO), Massiva, Energy PRO, JXSynth and a lot of freebies.

I'd recommend you save up for a pair of good studio monitor (speakers
not headphones) if possible.  Headphones are OK for writing tracks but
if you want to create a mix that sounds good everywhere (not just on
headphones) you need monitors.

> Oh, and a lot of coffe (or beer on the weekends), is good for music making :)

Talking of which; time to get the coffee on.

> NEA / been waiting since 20:00 CET yesterday for my regcode

Hehe, I remember waiting for my regcodes 8-).  Originally, I bought
fruityloops pro thinking "it might make a good drum machine for creating
loops to use in Logic".  After a day of playing with it, I realised that
it was good for making entire tracks (and quickly too!), so I upgraded
to full.  I can remember checking my mail every two minutes waiting for
the regcode to come through.  Then there was the big wait for fruity 3.5
(this added fruity as a VSTi and a lot of very cool features) when
everyone was checking the website ten times a day!

btw. The next version of fruity (4.0) is due out at the end of the year;
I'm getting impatient already!

I hope your experience of fruity is as fun and inspirational as mine has


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