[fruityloops] Re: XP Optimization

  • From: "Alasdair Dunlop" <ally@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 14:58:04 -0700

Hey Andy

Thanks for the tips.

> My advice would be to wipe the disk clean and start again, after
everything up of course. =20

I have had to 'repair' ie, re-install 5 times this week so far.
Admittedly I have been doing a lot of data juggling as part of the back
up plan but the format is going to be a great breathe of fresh

Is vfat32 different from FAT32? Also I read on MusicXP.net that cluster
size can have an affect as well, any ideas there? Also I was planning to
install FruityLoops on the 60GB drive as it's the faster drive along
with all my plug-ins and other audio editing app's. Is this something
you would recommend? Keep system and everyday software on one disk and
the audio stuff on the other?

Also on the subject of disks...how would you suggest I partition the
drives? I was think thinking about a 20Gb C drive and 20 Gb D drive on
the slower 40 Gb drive and maybe just leaving the 60GB as one partition.
I am not sure about this and was looking for some input.

> Well it all depends which plugins - some use more CPU up than others.
Make sure you are using the "smart disable for all effects" option, so
unused effects don't load up the CPU.

Here I meant that I have 15-20 plug-ins installed on the PC but
certainly not running in FL at any one time. Usually 3 or 4, sometimes 7
or 8 but I usually bounce these to audio and play them that way. The
smart disable feature sounds handy. I remember when I had only a few
plug-in's, FL ran fast and stable and now I am getting audio clicking
and dropouts, which obviously is a problem.=20

The plan is to install the minimum of app's

> http://www.musicxp.net

I found this site yesterday and fed it through the printer. Its pretty
good, exactly how good I'll tell you guys next week.

The data is backed up and ready to go.

Thanks in advance for any replies


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