[fruityloops] Re: XP Optimization

  • From: "Andy Ebling" <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 21:03:11 -0000

Hi Ally,

Glad you finally got your message to the list!

> I have to re-install XP this week as it keeps crashing and not starting
> up. So I am going to try and set it back up using recommended practices.

My advice would be to wipe the disk clean and start again, after backing
everything up of course.  If you try and re-install on top of a broken
installation you could actually end up worse off (it has been known to fix
some problems but my experience is it tends to leave the system "walking

> PC: PIII 650, 512 RAM, 32 Nvidea Video, 100 Gb over 2 drives (1 40GBx
> 5200rpm, 1x60 7200rpm)
> The plan is to:
> Format the 40Gb with NTFS
> Re-install Windows XP
> Install usual programs on C:
> Install all audio related software on 60Gb drive

I'd recommend a slight departure from this plan:

- format 40GB drive as NTFS, install XP and all applications on this
- format 60GB drive as VFAT32 and keep it for samples and manipulation audio
- backup critical stuff on both drives, zipped up to keep fragmentation

The reason I say this is that NTFS is good for keeping the system
stable/recoverable, especially in the event of a system crash.  VFAT on the
other hand has lower associated processor overhead, so its good for audio.

> If anyone has any insight, suggestions or recommendations I would be
> very grateful. I have been using FL with around 15-20 plug-ins and
> having this many plug-ins seems to slow the performance, can anyone
> confirm this?

Well it all depends which plugins - some use more CPU up than others.  make
sure you are using the "smart disable for all effects" option, so that
unused effects don't load up the CPU.

> Also while I ask does, does anyone use windows 2000 pro for audio? I
> have read that it isn't as good as XP but my experience of XP is that it
> sucks big time. Crashes a lot, hangs a lot. Any feedback would be great

XP has been pretty good for me (albeit in a rather stripped down form), but
I've never tried w2k.

I suggest a good look at:


lots of useful info there 8-).


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