[fruityloops] Re: XP Optimization

  • From: Andrew Ebling <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 20 Feb 2003 09:56:35 +0000

On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 09:30, Tim Jenkins wrote:

> With regards to using the fast hard drive for audio ?? isn't true that in a
> multiple hard drive system the speed is only as quick as the slowest drive??

I think it depends on a number of things.  Some controllers may struggle
if you put a UDMA33 disk and a UDMA100 disk on the same cable and
controller - i.e. the whole controller may only run at 33.

However, I have two UDMA100 disks in my system (on separate
controllers), an IBM DeathStar 30GB and a Maxtor 40GB.  The maxtor is
newer and I can get more tracks when I use it, so I guess you can have
one drive running faster than another.  I use the maxtor for audio



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