[fruityloops] Re: Sounds keeps speeding up

  • From: "Andrew Ebling" <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 12:43:28 +0100

> Just upgraded to FL studio and am stuck on the following:
>  1/ how do I use the wave editor?
> Not essential as I use sound forge but it would be nice to tweak samples
> the fly without having to open other programs. When I try to edit or
> audition a sample is says file format not supported, check Compatibility
> ?? How and where do I do this? (The samples are playing through the step
> sequencer so I don't think its a sample rate error)

This sounds like a sound card device setup problem in the wave editor.  I've
just checked and am having the same problem here!  It certainly used to
work, but I've recently re-installed my system from scratch... dunno what
has changed tho.

>  2/ how do I record audio?
> Again not essential as I can record into soundforge but I would like to
> it out? I am guessing you have to set up the inputs and outputs in the
> I have done this and have the audio playing from decks which can be heard
> and seen registering on the visual monitor but can't work out how to
> actually record it.

Your best bet is to use an audio track and then load it up in the wave

Do a search for Disk Recording in the online help - it explains it much
better than I can here!

>  3/ (general FL question)
> If have worked on two projects and decide that i would like the bass sound
> from one in with the synth sound of another project, is there a way to
> import this synth or do I need to set it back up again or save
> it as a preset?

Which generator are you using?  Is it a VSTi or a DXi?

>  4/ quantisation,
> If I have recorded the notes in via midi, say some stabs, but my playing
> isn't quite right for the note lengths is there a way of selecting all the
> notes and converting them to 32th or even if i have a set of 8th and with
> to make them all 16th for example. is this possible ?? or the fruity
> quantisation function really as crap as i think it is?

The fruity quantisation function is actually better than Cubase SX IMHO!!

You need to select the appropriate groove template and then set the duration
knob to max and select "quantise duration".

There was a fairly comprehensive tutorial on this in Computer Music, issue
#58 p26.  Dunno if you can still get a back issue of that, but the guys at
CM have said that more tutorials will become available as PDFs soon:


hope that helps.


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