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It sounds to me like you have notes overlapping each other.  If this is =
the case, you can control this by right-clicking that channel and =
selecting "cut itself" from the drop down menu.  This tells FL to cut =
off the first note right as the second one starts to play.  Yes you =
might lose some character of the previous note, but the transisiton from =
note to note is generally smooth & it prevents that elevated feedback =
you were speaking about.  One other way I can think of would be to use =
automation.  This is a bit more advanced & will require a lot more of =
your time.  If you are interested in that just write back & I can talk =
you through the steps.  Hope that helps you.


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I will propose you to open your FL and make the following:

1 - Create a channel with the following sound: SimSynth/Extra/wowa

2 - Starting in position 001:01:000 until 001:05:000 (1 beat, I think) =
put a beat with the above-mentioned sound.

3 - Repeat step 2 starting on 005:09:000 until 005:13:000=20

4 - Play it.

Now, my problem is: As you can see, before the end of the first note, =
the second one starts. Due to this kind of sound, a undesirable high =
level of reverberation will occurr and will increase more and more each =
time this pattern will be played back. The resul will be a kind of a =
How can I control it in the end of first note so that this effect won't =
Shall I gradually decrease velocity until the note end?
Shall I change the waveform so that the sound become shorter and, =
simultaneously, decrease the reverb level in the end of the waveform?

Please keep in mind that I want to keep all the characteristics of this =
sound. My problem is only how to control it to avoid this feed-back =

Your help will be appreciated.


Rui  =20

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