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Hi Franz

As I want to keep the characteristics of the sound, maybe the best solution
is to edit the wave file in a Audio Editing program but, instead of make it
short, maybe making a Fade Out would be better. At least the only parameter
that will be changed will be the Volume.
In this case, the "charge" over computer's processor will decrease also
with the volume (this is a second issue but important in my computer - AMD
450 MHz / 250 Mb RAM)?



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Hi ...
If you are using a wav file (or fruity samples) then sure it's gonna play
the whole file ...
You should make the wav shorter in an Audio Editing program like
Soundforge, Cool Edit or Wavelab ......... OR ........ alternatively when
you click on the sampler where your sample is loaded in, then the window
that pops up has a few control ... On the SMP tab there are quite a few
knobs to turn ... Look on the TOP ROW of the two rows of buttons for one
saying DEC (decent) and turn it clockwise ... you will actually see the
waveform change shape as it decents the wave ...
You still might want to load the original wave in an editor and shorten it
to a spesific lenght. Hope it helps then ...
Franz (PsiLoCyBe)
 Rui Barata <rbarata@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi March

"...you can control this by right-clicking that channel and =
selecting "cut itself" from the drop down menu."

I've tried this but it didn't work.
Even if you put the note length as small as you can, FL will play back the
complete sound file. Maybe the only solution is to change the file, i.e.,
change the wave form in order to make it shorter.
I also thank you for your availability in explain me Automation but I think
it's too early, I'm using FL only for about 3 weeks.
Thanks anyway, maybe later I will ask for your help in this matter.


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Subject: [fruityloops] Re: Reverb out of control - Help

> It sounds to me like you have notes overlapping each other. If this is =
> the case, you can control this by right-clicking that channel and =
> selecting "cut itself" from the drop down menu. This tells FL to cut =
> off the first note right as the second one starts to play. Yes you =
> might lose some character of the previous note, but the transisiton from
> note to note is generally smooth & it prevents that elevated feedback =
> you were speaking about. One other way I can think of would be to use =
> automation. This is a bit more advanced & will require a lot more of =
> your time. If you are interested in that just write back & I can talk =
> you through the steps. Hope that helps you.
> Tony
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> Subject: [fruityloops] Reverb out of control - Help
> Hi
> I will propose you to open your FL and make the following:
> 1 - Create a channel with the following sound: SimSynth/Extra/wowa
> 2 - Starting in position 001:01:000 until 001:05:000 (1 beat, I think) =
> put a beat with the above-mentioned sound.
> 3 - Repeat step 2 starting on 005:09:000 until 005:13:000=20
> 4 - Play it.
> Now, my problem is: As you can see, before the end of the first note, =
> the second one starts. Due to this kind of sound, a undesirable high =
> level of reverberation will occurr and will increase more and more each =
> time this pattern will be played back. The resul will be a kind of a =
> feed-back.
> How can I control it in the end of first note so that this effect won't =
> occurr?
> Shall I gradually decrease velocity until the note end?
> Shall I change the waveform so that the sound become shorter and, =
> simultaneously, decrease the reverb level in the end of the waveform?
> Please keep in mind that I want to keep all the characteristics of this =
> sound. My problem is only how to control it to avoid this feed-back =
> effect.
> Your help will be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Rui =20
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