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On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 12:46, Paul McGregor wrote:
> Automation is where you record any knob tweaks you make during the playback
> of a song or pattern.  Basic example might be where you fade in one
> instrument over a few bars. Once you've recorded it, it will happen
> automatically every time you play it back in future.
> Save a new version of one of your songs. Open the playlist. If track 9 is
> not called "main automation" (with a play square at bar one)make it so. Then
> switch to song mode, select pattern 9, press record and twiddle a few knobs
> & sliders whilst its playing. Stop recording and play it back again - you
> should see all the changes you made happening automatically.
> Theres a bit more to it than that, but that should be enough to get you
> started. Yes, it is pretty crucial, as you can automate just about anything.

Yeah thats pretty much it.  You can either record automation in realtime
(and then go back and tweak it later in the event editor) or just draw
it straight into the event editor.

Most controls can be automated (including master volume, tempo,
instrument attack times, fx parameters etc), if you right click on any
control and see "Edit events" in the list of options, then that control
is automate-able.  If you select "Edit events" then the event editor
opens and the automation is shown as a graph with time as the horizontal
axis and parameter value on the vertical axis.

Automating VST/VSTi and DX/DXi instrument/effect parameters is a little
more tricky - you have to select events to edit through a menu rather
than right clicking on the controls.

Automation is one of the many things that makes fruity the cool app that
it is.  Fairly simple yet frighteningly powerful!


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