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Automation is where you record any knob tweaks you make during the playback
of a song or pattern.  Basic example might be where you fade in one
instrument over a few bars. Once you've recorded it, it will happen
automatically every time you play it back in future.

Save a new version of one of your songs. Open the playlist. If track 9 is
not called "main automation" (with a play square at bar one)make it so. Then
switch to song mode, select pattern 9, press record and twiddle a few knobs
& sliders whilst its playing. Stop recording and play it back again - you
should see all the changes you made happening automatically.

Theres a bit more to it than that, but that should be enough to get you
started. Yes, it is pretty crucial, as you can automate just about anything.

Have fun 

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Now here is where I look like a total fool .... to understand what you've
just written, pls could you explain what automation is!? Thanks for the
detail though which I'm sure will be perfectly obvious once I understand
what it is ...


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