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  • Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 12:45:09 -0800

I am about to lose my marbles, here. I've tried everything I can think of and 
the various suggestions on several lists and newsgroups and no joy. Running 
exchange 2003 enterprise trial, there was some mixup with the licence order 
and we couldn't wait for it to be resolved. Ex2k3 is running on a Win2k3 
member server in a Windows 2000 domain. All email received direct into the 
exchange server after the import of old email is fine, some older stuff has 

Here is the summary of where I am at. Basically old email that's been 
imported into Exchange 2003 has a small percentage that consistently but 
randomly (same message has the problem each time, just can't find any 
correlation between the message type or who it came from) is unreadable. It 
is unreadable in Outlook 2000sp3 (the default in this office), Outlook 2003, 
no sp, sp1 or sp2 and OWA. The errors are:

When you click on one of these messages, the preview pane says 

    This item contains active content and cannot be displayed in the preview 
    pane, open the item to read it's content

If you double click the item in folder list view, a popup says

Can't open this item, the operation failed

In owa, the listed error for the same message is 

    501/505 not implemented

This happens both to messages that have attachments and ones that don't.

If we delete a folder on the exchange side and copy/paste the same folder 
from the pst file, same problem occurs with the same messages.

When the same message is viewed in outlook from within the pst file, there 
are no issues viewing the message.

I've tried the oulook import procedure, the drag and drop procedure from the 
pst to the exchange mailbox, used exmerge and even imported from outlook 
express (file export in OE), same issue with all the mailboxes. Of the 45 
users or so that were imported, 2 are not having any problems, in both cases 
they had only a small amount of mail in their respective pst files.

The last item I can think to try is upgrading the Exchange server to SP2. I 
hope to do that tonight.

Lastly, if I upgrade to SP2, when the license order arrives and I do the 
reinstall to convert from trial to full version, assuming the cd I get does 
not have SP2 already as part of it, what do folks recommend?
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