problem viewing some email imported into exchange 2003

  • From: "Harondel J. Sibble" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 22:02:48 -0700

Googling and ms newsgroups so far have turned up nothing.

Have a bit of a problem. Office running Outlook 2000 in internet only mode. 
Installed an Exchange 2003 server, setup new profiles etc. Opened the pst in 
the exchange profile and used the import wizard to import the whole shebang 
into the exchange profile. All seemed fine until I started getting complaints 
that people can't access some of the imported messages.

When you click on one of these messages, the preview pane says 

    This item contains active content and cannot be displayed in the preview 
    pane, open the item to read it's content

If you double click the item in folder list view, a popup says

Can't open this item, the operation failed

In owa, the listed error for the same message is 

    501/505 not implemented

This happens both to messages that have attachments and ones that don't.

If we delete a folder on the exchange side and copy/paste the same folder 
from the pst file, same problem occurs with the same messages.

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