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  • Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 13:01:27 -0400

It's a manual process.  You're looking at rolling a brand new Exchange org in the new domain/forest, and moving the mail there via some sort of import process into the nee mailboxes associated with the new forest. 

Remember that in E2K3, mailboxes and user objects are the same thing - this explains the duplicate object in domain A and B that you described - you needed to have a user boject in the Exchange domain for a mailbox to exist.  Presumably they have the flag for 'associated external account' set on them to allow access.

Since you already have duplicate objects I don't think ADMT would help you much here. The problem is that without a tool like ADMT you will not be preserving SID history.

Having said that, you said your environment is very small - 50 users?  I would just export everything using something like EXMERGE and then import it into the new mailboxes - yes, one at a time.  You only have a gig of data, so it should be simple enough.  You will probably have problems with repliability, so be ready for that - this could require some mailbox, email address, or sink event tricks - or simply letting your users know they should forward any old mail back to the recipient, rather than trying to play x.400 games.

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Patrick <london31uk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The thing is that I have been given till Friday to get things working.


I had a good look at the current server, and there obvious things worng with it, including leaving open as an open relay. Found in excess of 170K sapm messages in the queue, hence the gradual slowdown. I have since remedied things by closing the relay option and manualy deleting all messages in the vsi 1\queue folder. it was so heavy that I had to do the delete from within dos. Anyway different story.


The good news somewhat is that it is a relatively small setup (50 odd users and 1GB DB size). I think the intial plan was to have security boundaries as you suggested, but that has been canned. They plan to stick to one domain for exchange and staff and kill the old server and domain once this is done.


The problem here is that all domains are dis-jointed and not part of the same forest. Although a Trust does exists between Domain A and Domain B.

Now I am begining to think that I might have to go through the long route installing exchange in domain A with a new Exchange Org, export the mails from the old server and import them into the new one.


Now see where my problem lies. I did notice that somehow user have 2 different accounts 1 in domain A and one in Domain B, if I were to import the mail messages, how can I re-attach them to the Accounts in domain A. I remember this being a very manual process in exch5.5.






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It was most likely done this way in an attempt to manage the exchange infrastructure as a resource rather than in the other domains.  The person implementing most likely considered the domain to be a security boundary (which it was considered to be, before Stuart Kwan finally admitted that didn't work, but that's another story).

I would still recommend just replicating what you have if you are facing an imminent failure.  After you stabilize you can step back, design carefully, understand the business requirements (which were possibly the driver for the current design) and then implement what makes sense.

I'm not saying you can't design on the fly - I am saying it's a really bad idea.

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 5:59 AM, Patrick <london31uk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ok Guys,


I have been onsite and it is a bit more complicated than I thought. Here is the situation.


3 domains


domian A, Domain B, and Domian C


Domian a for staff, Domain b for students and domain C host the exchange server.


Domain A and B both have access to the Exchange server in C. Now the plan is to install a new server in Domain A and then migrate the users over.


Now my question is, those the standard swing migration process still apply.


I suspect that I would have to run Forest and Domain Prep on Domain A. Once doen would the New server find the existing exchange server organisation?


I just need to know what to expect. I can not understand why it was done this way in the first place, but somehow it has to be fixed.


Whats other options are available?





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If you know your way around Exchange, then my migration guide will be of assistance.
You don't need to prep, because that is a domain change, not a server specific change.

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Subject: [ExchangeList] installing and additional exchange 2003 server

Hi Guys,
I have just been told to migrate users away from a failing exchange server to another box. Juts wondering if anyone can point me to some solid documetaion on how to do this.
I intend to install a new exchange 2003 server into the existing organisation, once done, migrate the users, and at a later date take the old server offline.
This is somewhat blind to me, as i do not have full details of the site yet, but wondering if i will need to go through the same steps in setting up the first exchange server in the ORG. Will I have to run domain and forest prep.
 I think I have a deadline of Friday to have it all sorted, so need to start gathering as much infor as possible.

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