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Hmm... I was with that up until the last line about affording it and all.  

That's fine for some orgs, but by and large it's best to properly size the
servers for the task at hand and the expected lifecycle. 

One question that comes to mind is what is the planned user-density for
these servers?  If less than 1500 medium-heavy, I'm not sure I'd be too
concerned depending on the other apps.  If you want to scale beyond, it's
best to do the homework though.

Some servers don't need as much processing power as others.  For example, FE
servers don't typically, although in some situations they can benefit from
4-way machines. Public Folder servers rarely need 4 way but it does happen.

When you read that link below, pay close attention to the thoughts on faster
front-side bus speeds. That's there for a reason.

If you do want to scale a machine, I highly suggest you pay very close
attention to the disk layout/speeds as well as the DR/BC planning prior to
settling on anything.  Backplanes aren't equal either, but it would take
quite a bit to get to that level of saturation.

My $0.04 anyway.

If you're interested, there's a troubleshooting performance doc on
Microsoft's site.


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On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 12:45:45 -0800 (PST), C Drawers <cdrawers@xxxxxxxxx>
> 4 Processor servers seem to always been chosen for mailbox servers.  
> Since a comparable equipped 2 processor server is often 1/4 the cost 
> and it seems the latest 2 proc box has equivilant ghz power as a 4 
> proc box, it sure seems like 2 proc boxes are the way to go.


Not sure if this is of any help:;en-us;827281

> Any crazy theories or even better... concrete theories with data to 
> suppor the theory?

Here's one: if you can afford it, the more the better! :D


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