RE: "Upgrade" from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003

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First and foremost, do you know a Tom Eatinger that worked/is working for

If the answer to question above is yes, disregard the remainder.

> I was going for coffee and Aleve after reading this article.  Is there
> somebody out there that can please explain how this is done, keeping in
> mind that there are many of us out here who need a little more information
> than what this article provides?

Uh oh, I feel a rant coming on...

> Now, I went through every step of the "upgrade" process as explained I
> should do in documentation found on the Internet, but when I reach step 9,
> where Exchange itself is installed, I get a big fat error, "The Active
> Directory Connector is not update on all target systems...etc."  I
> installed the Active Directory Connector on the old Exchange 2000 server,
> and on the new this doesn't make any sense.  Also, why should the
> new Exchange server install care about the ADC on the PDC?

Ah, gee golly wilikers. Maybe because Exchange requires the ADC, and the ADC
must be on a DC?

> And what server would "hold the Schema master FSMO role."  What in the
> world is he talking about?
> And what is a "member of Schema Admins?"  What is a "Schema" for heaven's
> sake?
> Then..."Be sure to replicate the changes throughout the forest before
> proceeding."  How is this accomplished?
> Wow...just this one paragraph holds enough acronyms and jargon as to send
> even a very experienced programmer screaming to the hills (I'm 46-years
> old and have been working with computers since the CPM days).

Those are extremely important AD terms, and
using/installing/configuring/administering Exchange server requires a clear
and solid basic understanding of Active Directory. Although you appear to
have been working with computers for a long time, that does not mean you
know everything. 

Have you read the requirements for Exchange Server 2003?

> "adprep /forestprep" from the Windows Server 2003 CD from WHERE
> exactly??  Where is this program on the CD?  I scanned the entire CD and
> did not find it.  Are you SURE this program would be run FROM a Windows
> 2003 CD ON a Windows 2000 server?

. You can find Adprep.exe in the \i386 folder of the Windows Server 2003,
Standard Edition; Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; and Windows
Server 2003, Datacenter Edition CD-ROMs. For more information about using
adprep, see the topics under "See Also."

Here is a stab in the dark: Do you have at least one Windows Server 2003 as
a DC? Hope so, as that is a requirement for Exchange 2003.

Oh, and if you are still reading this far down, and you do know a Tom
Eatinger, he might just recognize me by the tone of my response. (I am not
sure if that is good or bad but...)

John T
eServices For You

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