"Upgrade" from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003

  • From: "Bjorgen T. Eatinger" <beatinger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 00:59:37 -0700

I am desparately trying to finish an upgrade from Exchange 2000 to
Exchange 2003, and am NOT doing it "in-place" (on the same machine).  The
reason is because we don't have enough disk space left on the machine and
we would really like to not have Exchange on the PDC/ADS server anyway.

So I built up a new Windows Advanced Server 2003 machine using a brand-new
Dell PowerEdge 4400 with dual CPUs, 2GB RAM, RAID 5, etc...the works.  I
applied all updates and the server is working just great.

Now, I went through every step of the "upgrade" process as explained I
should do in documentation found on the Internet, but when I reach step 9,
where Exchange itself is installed, I get a big fat error, "The Active
Directory Connector is not update on all target systems...etc."  I
installed the Active Directory Connector on the old Exchange 2000 server,
and on the new one...so this doesn't make any sense.  Also, why should the
new Exchange server install care about the ADC on the PDC?

At any rate, I tried for days and days to find information about this
issue and can find nothing on the Internet anywhere.  I also read an
article on this website (MSEXCHANGE.ORG) regarding installing Exchange
2003 on a NEW server, then migrating all the mailboxes from Exchange 2000
to the new server, which is exactly what we wish to do, but the article is
extremely confusing and uses many acronyms which we don't understand.  The
article is by David Fosbenner.

To illustrate, the VERY FIRST step in the article just doesn't work:

"Run adprep /forestprep from Windows Server 2003 CD on your Windows 2000
server that holds the Schema master FSMO role. (Of course you?ll need to
be a member of Schema Admins).  Be sure to replicate the changes
throughout the forest before proceeding."

Okay...run "adprep /forestprep" from the Windows Server 2003 CD from WHERE
exactly??  Where is this program on the CD?  I scanned the entire CD and
did not find it.  Are you SURE this program would be run FROM a Windows
2003 CD ON a Windows 2000 server?

And what server would "hold the Schema master FSMO role."  What in the
world is he talking about?

And what is a "member of Schema Admins?"  What is a "Schema" for heaven's

Then..."Be sure to replicate the changes throughout the forest before
proceeding."  How is this accomplished?

Wow...just this one paragraph holds enough acronyms and jargon as to send
even a very experienced programmer screaming to the hills (I'm 46-years
old and have been working with computers since the CPM days).

I was going for coffee and Aleve after reading this article.  Is there
somebody out there that can please explain how this is done, keeping in
mind that there are many of us out here who need a little more information
than what this article provides?

Much appreciated!

Bjorgen T. Eatinger

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