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  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 09:09:59 -0400

Anyone seen this error? Occurs when I click on the monitoring tab for
the Exchange server properties in ESM. 


The RPC server is too busy to complete this operation.



ID no: 800706bb

Exchange System Manager


Exchange ent 2003 cluster.




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Just implemented MailFrontier 2 weeks ago, appliance based filter. Two
gateways, each gateway processes max 50k messages hr. Performance is
great, we process about 25k messages hr. Virus scanning is great, as we
have our old mail sweeper server still doing virus scanning to compare
the two. It's not reporting any viruses that Mail frontier has allowed
in. We still get few SPAM come in, but the neat thing is you forward the
SPAM message (which they encourage you to do) so they can write the
signature and have it available to download. Based on linux kernel, good
end user administration, as they can manage their white\black lists,
view junk email etc through web page. Summary reports are sent to their
inbox with link to access these features. 



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I'm getting excellent results with a Barracuda spam/virus firewall.


Brian Pituley
Director of Information Technology
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I know this has been addressed before, but I'll ask again...

What is the current feeling on anti-spam products for Exchange?

I've gone from using nothing, to Exchange IMF, to Symantec products
etc... And am just curious what others feel is the best and most
cost-effective solution.

Thanks much!

Lee Swanson

Watertown, SD

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