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  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 09:06:44 -0400

I Hate Spam Server Edition works great, but with the way it works, spam
has to get into your mail stores for it to be scanned by the product.
This means you'll be taking on a lot of spam and generating NDRs that
you don't really need to.  I'll be implementing something at the gateway
level to solve this, likely a Barracuda box.

We'll keep I Hate Spam as a second level of defense.


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I'm getting excellent results with a Barracuda spam/virus firewall.
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I know this has been addressed before, but I'll ask again...

What is the current feeling on anti-spam products for Exchange?

I've gone from using nothing, to Exchange IMF, to Symantec products
etc... And am just curious what others feel is the best and most
cost-effective solution.

Thanks much!

Lee Swanson

Watertown, SD

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