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  • Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 13:31:55 -0800

> A lot of solutions I've seen in the past use a database to search and
> index
> the information collected.  It offers better, i.e. faster, more scalable
> search capability.  Also reduces dups to look through when you can run
> queries.  Takes some work to get the messages in the database and is not
> as
> possible if fidelity has to be maintained in the message.  In that case, a
> PF and sharepoint might be better option.
> I can't think of a valid way to get around the restore/extract unless the
> lawyers are willing to allow for possible missed information.  How
> granular
> and dilligent do they need to be?

OK, more information and this is now a formal request seeking solutions as
the clients layers are now saying they need to get this in place.

This is for a company dealing in financials and investments. They are
required to have ALL communications between employees and clients readily
available for review by the regulating agency within a short time period.
That time period is being debated, but my client wants to be sure they are
in compliance and therefore they are stipulating that it must be available
within a few hours. There current daily message traffic is about 3K.

We have discussed use of a daily extracted pst file via a archive mail box,
and agreed that will not be sufficient. It appears either a 3rd party
software is needed or a database solution is needed. They do have MS SQL

2 objectives:

1. All messages (incoming and outgoing) must be archived automatically in a
searchable form by Sender, Recipient, Subject, Date and file attachment
(possibly, not yet for sure) and when a search is needed have results and
copies of messages (and possibly attachments) ready to print out within 4
hours of request.

2. Extract all old messages from monthly tape backups (Veritas) and import
into what ever is providing the data storage for object 1 so they meet the
same requirements as above. This includes checking for duplicates. 

If any one knows of any existing solutions/products meeting these
requirements or can be adapted to meet these requirements, or can assist or
knows someone that can assist in creating a solution to meet these
requirements, please contact me off list ASAP!

John Tolmachoff
eServices For You

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