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You will have to do a restore/extract, restore/extract repeat as


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I am trying to help a client that I do consulting with on a project they
need to do.

They have monthly backup tapes created with Veritas including the
agent. However, only the Information Store was backed up, not a brick
back. `This was designed and intended for disaster recovery. (The actual
backup scheme is more than that, but I have simplified it for this, as
monthly tape is the only thing retained over time.)

Now, they are faced with a requirement to have ready access to all
(considered documents) for legal purposes. Of course, the easiest way is
copy all messages to an archive account and then do a daily exmerge to a
and then burn to CD. 

What needs to be done is "extract" old messages from those tapes into
files for ready searchable access. 

My thought is to set up a temp Exchange server properly configured,
all the tapes without overriding, only adding non-duplicates, and then
dated exmerge runs.

My question, is it possible to restore all tapes without overriding what
already restored and then extracting, or is it necessary to restore one
tape, extract, restore next tape, extract and so forth?

John Tolmachoff
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