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A lot of solutions I've seen in the past use a database to search and index
the information collected.  It offers better, i.e. faster, more scalable
search capability.  Also reduces dups to look through when you can run
queries.  Takes some work to get the messages in the database and is not as
possible if fidelity has to be maintained in the message.  In that case, a
PF and sharepoint might be better option.

I can't think of a valid way to get around the restore/extract unless the
lawyers are willing to allow for possible missed information.  How granular
and dilligent do they need to be?


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> I'm a little confused as to whether this is for past email or is it an 
> ongoing requirement?

This is for past. For current/ongoing, and new process/procedure is being
developed with approval from lawyers.

> The risk you take of not restoring/extracting for each tape is that 
> you'll have something in one day's tape and not in the next one.  If 
> that's acceptable, you could conceivably restore a week's worth at a 
> time and extract.  If not, then each tape will have to be restored, 
> played, extracted, and then the next tape restored, played, extracted, 
> etc. to ensure you get the real data.  You'll very likely get dups, 
> but that's to be expected.

Having to do the restore/extract restore/extract restore/extract is going to
be time consuming and that is what we are looking to reduce.

> Putting the data into a database for easier searching, reduction of 
> dups, etc would be a good solution if you plan on doing this more than
> Otherwise, it'll be hard for them to wade throught that much data.

Can you expand on this idea please?

John Tolmachoff
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