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~DEL means that custom attribute 10 will be cleared.  If the
samAccountName (Windows NT Account) and alias match it is assumed that
the mailbox is the primary mailbox for the account and attribute 10 will
be cleared.


Entries without a value in attribute 10 will be assume to be the primary
mailbox for the associated Windows NT Account.   "NTDSNoMatch" should be
put in attrib 10 for all other mailboxes that have the same Windows NT
Account, only one mailbox for each NT Account should have a blank attrib
10, the rest should have NTDSNoMatch.   For the non-primary or resource
mailboxes, the ones with NTDSNoMatch, a new account will be created for
each of them, based on the directory name I believe.  This new account
will be made the primary account for the mailbox it was created for.  In
addition, the account that used to have be the primary NT Account will
be granted user access to the other mailboxes.


Note: You should be using the ADC Wizard in Exchange 2003 SP2 instead of
ntdsatrb utility, if that is what you are using.


From your example data provided below your Exchange directory should be
fixed so alias names are unique within your org.  Getting the primary NT
account and resource mailbox issues addressed is the hardest part in
migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003.


I would suggest using the ADC Wizard to set the primary mailbox for each
account that is currently associated with multiple mailboxes.  Then
export the information from the wizard and review it to make sure it is
correct.  Then import the output file, using Exchange 5.5 Administrator,
and rerun the ADC Wizard, after waiting for directory replication to
carry out.



Jason Sherry - Pro Exchange http://www.theproexchange.com 

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Hi ,



I have used the exchange 2003 version NTDSNomatch Utility and have
printed the output .Now it has printed all accounts with more than a
mailbox with the NTDSNoMatch stamping. Here is the output .where the SAM
acct name and the alias is different it has stamped NTDSNoMatch.But it
has stamped a ~DEL to the account where the alias and SAM acct name are
same .


For eg :


For 1 entry from the output file :



Display Name

Primary Windows NT Account

Alias Name

Directory Name





Phyllis Grigsby







Janie Doolos








What it means by ~DEL stamping ? Does it mean if if i did not use the
NTDSNoMatch the user Phyllis Grigsby is not going to access his mailbox
( even though his alias and SAM acct name is same in the first row) once
i move th emailboxes to win2003 ? 





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