[ExchangeList] NTDSNoMatch utility

  • From: "raj nair" <rajnair7@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 15:09:26 -0500

Hi ,
I have used the exchange 2003 version NTDSNomatch Utility and have printed the output .Now it has printed all accounts with more than a mailbox with the NTDSNoMatch stamping. Here is the output .where the SAM acct name and the alias is different it has stamped NTDSNoMatch.But it has stamped a ~DEL to the account where the alias and SAM acct name are same .
For eg :
For 1 entry from the output file :
Obj-Class Extension-Attribute-10 Display Name Primary Windows NT Account Alias Name Directory Name Home-Server
Mailbox ~DEL Phyllis Grigsby IS-DP\COMM3 COMM3 COMM3 REVENUE04
Mailbox ~DEL Janie Doolos IS-DP\COMM3 comm3 SDFairley REVENUE20
What it means by ~DEL stamping ? Does it mean if if i did not use the NTDSNoMatch the user Phyllis Grigsby is not going to access his mailbox ( even though his alias and SAM acct name is same in the first row) once i move th emailboxes to win2003 ?


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