RE: Mail Routing - Making Exchange 2003 Dumber

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  • Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 20:47:38 -0800

I am sorry, but I fail to see the need or reason for having the same e-mail
address on multiple different servers. That in itself is problematic.

John T
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> I am building Exchange to coexist with several other IMAP mail systems.  A
> typical employee will have several e-mail accounts on different mail
> systems, and needs their mail delivered to all those systems.  For
> example, my e-mail address is Gideon@xxxxxxxxxxx, but that e-mail address
> exists on a Cyrus server, a procmail server, and an Exchange server.  An
> SMTP router captures all mail, checks what mail systems a user belongs to,
> and sends copies of that mail to all the systems.
> Since Exchange is not capable of sending mail destined to another mailbox
> within the same store (or within the same server) to an external computer,
> I need to find a way to force mail to be delivered to the SMTP router so
> that the mail is delivered to all the mail systems.
> I am bound by the fact that the infrastructure is already in place for the
> other mail systems, so I can't make any radical changes to that.  I have
> to use the SMTP router that copies the mail to all the different mail
> systems.
> What is really killing me is that all the other mail systems can easily be
> configured to send e-mails through the SMTP server, but Exchange can only
> do this if the e-mail is being delivered to an external address.  I'm
> hoping there is a workaround out there, or a third party application that
> can intercept the e-mails within the store and force them out to the SMTP
> router.  Both MIME Sweeper and Mail Intercept claim to have this
> functionality, but they only work in very small environments.  I need this
> to work for about 5000 mailboxes (and growing).
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