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Don't take this the wrong way but you might take a little time and read
up on IMF and deployment.


Chapter 4 tells you where the archived messages are kept.


On the Intelligent Message Filtering tab, from the list in When blocking
messages, select the action that you want Intelligent Message Filter to
take when it assigns a message an SCL rating above the specified
threshold. Choose from the following actions: 


Archive to archive all messages marked as UCE with a rating above the
specified threshold. Archived messages are saved to the archive
directory. This directory is in the root directory of the Queue
directory specified on the Messages tab of the SMTP virtual server
properties. By default, the archive directory is Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi
n\UCEArchive, where n is the SMTP virtual server instance number. By
default, the \Exchsrvr directory is created in the <drive
letter>:\Program Files parent directory. You can review messages in the
archive directory by opening them in Notepad or using Microsoft Outlook
Express. If you discover a legitimate e-mail message that has been
archived, you can resubmit the message by placing it in the
Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi n\pickup directory. The SMTP service will then
deliver the e-mail message to the appropriate mailbox. 



Use IMF Companion to view the archived messages.  (Google for it)




Bob Fronk, MCSE






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Were do the archives get placed on the server? Thanks




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