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  • Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 12:44:36 -0000

What I would suggest you do, is configure it to take no action and then use the 
Performance Monitor counters to see what levels of UCE you are getting, this 
will then give you a good idea of what level to set the Gateway and Store to.

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Your right IMF doesn't have an auto message feature; well it kind of does when 
you set it up to reject your spam. I am referring ExchangeList and ISAList 
having the auto message feature. 

I initially had it set to 2/2 which worked great keeping 99% of the spam away, 
however with time some people were getting "this email has been rejected..." 
emails when trying to contact me. So I tried it at 4/2, that's when I started 
noticing the mailing list issues with ExchangeList and ISAList reporting 
several emails had bounced back so my accounts were temporarily put on hold 
until I sent a message to the list manager saying unhold, so I moved it up to 
6/4 and it only got worse...    (gateway/store)


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