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The account is getting locked out based on the Account Lockout Policy that
you have applied on the active directory.  You probably have been resetting
the account in

    Active Directory Users and Computers > UserName > Properties > Account

and unchecking the Account Locked Out option.  When outlook express
repeatedtly tries to authenticate with the server the policy kicks in and
locks the account.  Take a look at your security and configuration and
analyze the Domain Security Policy.

Load the Domain Security Policy in the Microsoft Management Console to edit
it and review these options:
    Windows Settings  >  Security Settings  >  Account Policies  >  Account
Lockout Policy  >
    These computer settings are availiable:
            Account lockout Duration                        # of minutes
            Account lockout threshold                       # of invalid
logon attempts
            Reset account lockout counter after        # of minutes

There may be a very low tolerance (strict security) that is implemented and
you may want to increase these values.

Anyone have some reccomendations on good values here?

Hope this helps.

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  Hi all,

  Thanx for replying back.

  > 1. My users password gets reset after some days.Then i
  >    have to the server and manually reset it.

  This is not normal but seems like a Windows 2000 behavior.
  What do you mean by 'reset' ? Do their passwords change or
  do the account lock out ? How many DCs do you have ? Are you
  AD replication is working well ?

  The account gets locked.Then i have to go to the server an manually reset
it.After that he is able to login.
  I have unconfirmed news that this is  a bug in Exchange - 2000 on Wun

  Please reply back.

  Thanx and Regards
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      We are having Exchange-2000 loaded on Windows-2000AS OS.At client we
are using Outlook express.

      We are facing following problems  and we require your guidance.

      1.     All the users which we have created in the active
directory,After some days the password gets
              reset.Then we have to go to the server and manually reset the
password.After that he is able to login.
              This problem started from the day we have installed the
Exchange Server.

      2.    We create new users at the exchange in the active directory.How
will my users get the updated
             Address  list in their Outlook Express.The users are spread
around various locations.

      3.    Is there any tool or option after running which can we get user
statistics report. e.g.How many users
              are there,count of users who have not used there login,etc.

      Do let me know if you require anything from side.

      Awaiting your prompt reply.

      Thanx and Regards
      Telephone numbers - 22641160/22664731/1693
      Fax Numbers - 22662307/22693679

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