RE: For Andrew- OWA Setup-the final step

  • From: "Andrew English" <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 12:42:32 -0400

If you are not going to host your own company website then ask your ISP
or whoever hosts your company name to add a record called and point it to


Make sure you setup ISA so that your Internal NIC to be the primary one,
and your External to be the secondary if you are setting your ISA server
to in Edge mode. You do this by going to network connection, click on
Advanced in the top menu bar, then click on Advanced Settings. 


Setup the Internal NIC as follows (this is just an example):




Gw: (empty)



DNS2: (empty or DNS of your secondary server)







From: mmmopo errer [mailto:hatem20072008@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] For Andrew- OWA Setup-the final step 


dear andrew,


i am in the Process of it now, 


so i will not need to install another server at all , i will work on the
server which is running the current exchange server 2000. but i will use
the ISA server to publish it.


note that, the exchange server now has 1 network card connected to my
LAN with the internal IP-address as the following :-


IP adrress:


D.Gw; :



and the name of the exchange server is ( , so i
will add another Network Card to ISA server to be connected to ISP with
the following IP-Address :-


IP-Address :





and i will make the publishing rule to work on that IP-Address, and i
will let the user to type in in there web browser :-,  and they should be able toaccess.


but the main thing, i did not request to change any thing in the DNS
settings at all, 


all what i did i change the MX record to map only to my exchange server
, that is it.


i did not change or Add A recorde to map to this IP-address at all for
the OWA.


so do you think i made something wrong.


Please confirm with me.



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