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No need to apologize Stephen, I am/was a anal about MS.  Just when I'm
use to taking care of an OS that you don't have to really worry about
all these outbreaks, then I'm stuck fixing them, I got hot
Stephen, I have to setup a Linksys 4 port router tonight on our
Win2k/Ex2k on the same DC server this evening.  I think I have the
correct ports to open but I was wondering if you can clarify this for me
on the ports that need opened.
External users just connect to our Exchange server and internal users
needs basically web access and also we need OWA, but I'm having no
success getting this going.
Anyways, correct me if I'm wrong PLEASE on the ports.
Ports 80, 443, 25, 110 and 53 need to be open.
My problem with OWA, if you don't have Admin rights, you can't access
it.  I did put a posting on MS newsgroups and someone re-posted that I
need to have the Domain/users in the DC Security Policy, User Right
Assignments, Access this computer from the Network.  Did that, no luck.
Any suggestions???
Far as grabbing a stiff drink, trust me, I've had many in the last two
weeks due to MSBLAST and SOBIG.   
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My apologies Mike, I should look outside the square I sit in - then I
would have realised that your MS Admin had left!
Perhaps you could ask the group for a specialist remote support contact
(hey John, you busy?) Or maybe even ask if there is any one known near
your small town (hey Mark, don't you live near small town?)
I admire you taking on a new OS after having lived the life with VMS!
But it ain't gonna be an easy fix. Look thru the posts, install a good
firewall and grab a stiff drink and a good book! You will get there with
an M$ solution - all it takes is some time!
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