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  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 07:29:25 -0400

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First off Stephen, our MS Admin left our company without any notice
about a 3weeks/month ago and he is the same as you...choose not to
install the patch immediately, so pointing fingers stating "if you can't
maintain your MS installation, what chance will there be that you can
maintain a brand new OS, is uncalled for.  I maintain an Alpha Server
running OpenVMS, not MS, but until we find a new Admin for our MS
servers, I'm stuck dealing with these servers.  I live in a small town
so it's not very easy finding MS Admin's in our area or getting them to
come here.
All I did was simply reply stating we use Exchange 2000 and my CEO is
fed up with these outbreaks for MS ALL the time.  It's sickening to have
a company so large like MS that they can't take the time to rewrite a
new OS and clean it up instead of just adding on top of old OS's then
finding ALL these wholes afterwards and paying big bucks that they don't
support after so many years...that's total BS.  If they produce it, they
should support for more than 5-6yrs, instead of companies having to
purchase new software so they can get support from MS.   
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From: Stephen Hartley [mailto:support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] RE: New Poll on MSExchange.org
Mike, you also appear to be laying the blame at Microsoft's feet. You
should not do that (but you can) because it was not Microsoft who wrote
the worm! Microsoft did announce the flaw approximately one month
earlier and provided a patch. I, like many others, chose not to install
this patch immediately due to recent flaws in patches that Microsoft
have released (and admitted to). I adopted a wait & see attitude. None
of my "business" sites were affected because I use hardware based
firewall/routers (Linux boxes) and I take the attitude of "lock it down"
until it is required. It costs my clients to have this configuration,
but it saved on having to do system cleanups - so the ROI is proven yet
After Nimda last year (average 30 hour cleanups), my business clients
don't get an option - their systems are locked down or they can find
someone else. Again Microsoft did not write Nimda, but it only affected
Microsoft machines.
What else are you going to find that will work similarly and give you
the same features as Exchange and Outlook combo and yet still allow the
users do "know" their systems? Yes there are now some viable Linux
alternatives, but if you can't (as SysAdmin) maintain your Microsoft
installation, what chance will there be that you can maintain a brand
new operating system / applications suite without it costing $0000's?
Stephen Hartley
Brisbane - Australia
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