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I used ntbackup to restore our exchange box. I installed all the patches and 
service packs for Windows 2000. Setup the ip addressing. Then I ghosted the 
drive to an image. So now if I would need to do a complete hard drive restore. 
I restore the basic image for speed purposes and because the software 
configuration is what I started out with. Then I install exchange in disaster 
recovery mode and all the exchange service packs in disaster recovery mode 
(setup.exe /disasterrecovery)that way it pulls config info from active 
directory and doesn't try to mount the databases. Then I restored the Exchsrvr 
dir and then restored the server\first storage group files. And make whatever 
small config changes I need to make, for instance allowed relays and stuff like 
that. I scheduled exmerge to run and export all users to *.pst files on a 
different hard drive, so I can if I need to recover a single mailbox, I can use 
exmerge as a type of brick level backup. And if you have deleted item and 
mailbox retension set for you mailbox store, you might not even need to restore 
any files from backup depending on the situation.

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Hi All,

Quick Question.  We are running Exchange 2000.  My Boss and I disagree on a 
point.  He says he heard that if our Exchange Server would completely "bite the 
dust".... as in, be destroyed or maybe even just the Hard Drive go south... 
that we could recover by just bringing in another computer running Windows 2000 
Server and restoring all the appropriate files from our backups.  I say  we 
would have to build another Exchange Server by installing Exchange 2000 and 
then configuring it.  We then could recover our mailboxes etc. from the backup 

Who is correct?  
What files SHOULD I be backing up?
Are there existing articles on the best way to back up Exchange.
Should I be running some sort of "mirror" drive?
How are y'all handling "disaster recovery" for Exchange?

Thanks in advance,
Kelli Irwin

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