[ExchangeList] Re: Exchange 2007 Memory Management

  • From: "Mahmoud Amin Ismail" <mahmoud@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 22:27:10 +0200

It is normal for the store to take as much memory as it can but it should 
release memory to OS when needed.
We have the same case with 32Gb servers.

Mahmoud Amin

From: Lee Ann Swanson <swanson@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 01 April, 2008 4:28 AM
To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ExchangeList] Exchange 2007 Memory Management

Our store.exe process has been consuming more and more memory.  We have 10 GB 
installed, and the store is using almost 7.  This pushes the total memory used 
for the server to over 10GB, and is slowing it down.  When I reboot, store 
starts off much smaller, but over several weeks, it inches back up again.

Any ideas?


Lee Swanson
Watertown, SD

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