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  • Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 11:13:58 -0500

We are presently using Network Associates Netshield, Groupshield, and
Virusscan.  It looks like pretty much the same setup you are using.  What
version of Groupshield are you using?  I tried 4.5 but was not happy with
the results when it ate up everyone's attachments.  Is 5.0 Better.  I have
downloaded it but I have not installed it due to the possibility of changing
to Norton.

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I have experience with both. Right now we are using Network Associates
Total Virus Defence Suite, which include Netshield for NT/2000,
Groupshield for Exchange and Virus Scan 4.5 for the Desktop PC's.

I have found it to be very effective in removing/blocking/quarantining
email borne virus threats, however there are some minor issues to be
aware of:

Netshield, although being able to download the DAT file and save them
for later use, ie in a shared folder for the desktop clients using Virus
Scan 4.5 to update from, a hotfix is required to be obtained from NAI to
resolve the issue of Netshield not downloading the "Update.ini" file
that allows the client pc's to correctly process the update of the DAT

Once this is done we found all instances of Netshield and VirusScan4.5
updated correctly and caught all viruses, including the most recent
"Bugbear" virus.

Daily checks are highly recommended. Forget weekly, the DAT file version
can sometimes change twice in the week.

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