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Hi Byron,

Last build of NAVMSG I've used was 22G under 5.5.  I've weathered Melissa and 
ILOVEYOU (already sounds like it was ages ago) using NAVMSG.  If you are 
thinking of installing it on Exchange 5.5 I would stay / run away from it.  I 
don't have any experience with their later builds for Exchange 2000 but the 5.5 
version was probably the worst solution on the market at the time. Although all 
AVAPI based solutions missed the occasional virus due to lost msg pointers, 
NAVMSG was exceptionally bad where it scanned only about 80% of msgs. 

My suggestion would be to use either Antigen by Sybari Software 
( or Trend Micro's Interscan.  Both offer superior service as 
far as customer support goes and both companies tend to make definition files 
available much faster in times of crisis.   Symantec is THE worst company for 
that, sometimes waiting up to 2 days before they put out their virus 

Sybari is also the only product on the market that scans 100% of incoming 
messages, public folder posts and outgoing msgs in REAL-TIME. They also offer 
the possibility of content filtering and choosing you AV engine.  This last 
options is kind of cool cause one company could be faster to release virus 
definition files and you can switch AV engines on the fly with Antigen.

My 2 cents...


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We are contemplating changing our campus wide AV protection from McAfee to
Norton.  I would appreciate any comments both good and bad on Norton'
Exchange product.  I would especially appreciate feedback from anyone that
has had experience with both.


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