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  • Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 00:59:37 +0200


Robert wrote on Sat, 21.08.2004:
> Have you ever tried perlpanel?

yes, i've tried it but fbpanel fits my needs better.

> I understand now.I thought it was just a gtk2 limitation.Don't know 
> where I got that idea.
> BTW,the icon selectin dialog box which pops up when wanting to change 
> icons is way too small on my system.Having to resize that thing all
> the time can be a real pain when comparing how different icons will
> look (for example) on the toolbar.Think you can look into that for me?

ok, i understand what i mean. i've tried to do something about it. it
will be included in the next pre-release.

> There is a problem with  gtk/gnome in the way they render svg 
> images.I've been looking into it now for a while with very little 
> luck.Did you make the original svg e2 logo? If so then what app did
> you use and was there any extra steps when saving it to a .svg file?I 
> finally got Illistrator and installed it but none of the images I've 
> made will work with gtk or gnome no matter what I do.
> Please understand,This is a new app and will most likely take quite a 
> while to learn.Even though it puts Sodipodi and Inkscape to shame the 
> end results may never be 100% compatible.If I can't find an easy way
> to convert my images over then I'll have to learn learn xml and do it
> by manually.

the, the problem might be that each GUI SVG editor has own extra
svg functions which extend the basic svg functionality. so when
saving these files, you have to make sure they're saved in plain svg
format instead of the editor's extended format. though, the disadvantage
is that you cannot adjust function parameters of extended functions
anymore afterwards.
i hope you get what i mean. :)

> Life is like a box of chocolates,even though somethings taste really 
> great it all still looks like crap. :)
> >>I don't know if you have Gnome installed but you might take a look
> >at >stock_folder-move.png (see attachment).I think its a perfect fit.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >yes, that looks ok. i'll have to try it in my toolbar for a bit.
> >  
> >
> If it isn't what you want then please let me know so I can start work
> on something more to your liking.

well, let me first get an overview of what tom has created. i've just
noticed that he has added his icons to the wiki. what do you think about




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