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500kb for a Kodak commercial?

God Bless and Heal you

Rick Draganowski
(Soli Deo Gloria
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   I have decided to have someone else cut my lawn.

  Now yer talkin!  That's what I do.  I pay a young man to do my lawn.  I pay 
it in advance and he just does it.  I've got wonna them lawns like you do.  It 
has 4 terrace-like levels and even the kid (well, he's 18, I guess that's still 
a kid) and his helper have trouble gettin the lawnmower up and down the hills.  
It's about a 40 foot drop from the uppermost level to the lowest.  Much better 
to have someone else do it.


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    Here is a photo of me sleeping while cutting the lawn. LOL Dorothy took the 
photo when I must have been looking down at an adjustment.
      Well, the new JD tractor is great, but isn't everything when it's new. In 
the shot I'm cutting a flat section, and I'm thinking, hey this is pretty easy. 
Also in the shot you can notice that we are uphill from my neighbor, and my 
property has a hill between us. 
        As luck would have it, or lack of tractor skill, while cutting the 
slope, I came moments away from rolling the tractor over on myself. I stopped 
it just as the weight was tilting. D'OH
        The wife was watching and was telling me to shut it off and leave it. 
Hell no. I drove it back to the flat section.
        So now what do I do with this new tractor?????? 
     Well, I got it at Lowes and they have a return policy that you can return 
anything within 39 days, no questions asked. As I type this the tractor is on a 
truck going back to lowes. And I get a full refund.  At least I didn't brake 
anything on it, or me. LOL
       I was a tractor guy for 24 hours. D'OH 

    -Smoky Mt Frank-

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