[duxhelp] Re: The BANA template creates new paragraphs when reference page numbers appear mid-page

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  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 16:31:36 -0400

This particular format has definitely been a problem for us historically,
but is supposed to be resolved, or at least resolvable, for DBT 10.6.  I say
"resolvable" because I believe that there remain ways to create Word
documents such that this issue will arise.  But I believe that there also
are ways to create documents that won't have this problem.

Unfortunately, I don't know much if anything more about it than that.

But I'll be glad to have a look.  This will be much simpler if you can send
me a Word file that illustrates the problem.

- Peter


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Hi All.   Someone pointed out a couple of issues to me in 10.5 that are also
present in 10.6, so I am passing them along.   Here is the first issue:
When the BANA template is being used, when reference page numbers are
present, and when a reference page number appears in the middle of the page,
the text that follows that reference page number is formatted as a new
paragraph (i.e. the first line is indented) even if that text is not the
start of a new paragraph.  As evidence, several screen shots:
This first screen shot is from Word.  I copied and pasted the sentence "Here
is a paragraph." 12 times to create a paragraph.  Then I copied and pasted
my paragraph until it caused a soft page break to appear.  All of the text
is formatted in the Body Text style.

When I imported my document into Duxbury using its BANA template, the text
that follows the reference page break is indented as can be seen in this
screen shot of the print:

And, not surprisingly, it is present in the braille as well, as can be seen
in this screen shot:

Take care.

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