[duxhelp] Re: The BANA template creates new paragraphs when reference page numbers appear mid-page

  • From: Susan <chrn3292@xxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 14:41:49 -0500

I also just tested the BANA page number and it's fine in both Word and DBT.
Joanie, did you used the RefPageNumberEmbed style (which is a character style),
vs the RefPageNumber style?

I'm attaching a Word file for you to check out. If you open this in DBT using the
BANA template, you should find the runover after the page number is at the margin
as it should be.



JAN CARROLL wrote on 4/17/2006, 2:32 PM:

The New BANA Template in my 10.6 Beta 4 works. I did a sample in both
WORD and in just using the style in Duxbury.

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joanmarie.diggs@xxxxxxxxxxx 4/17/2006 3:07:30 PM >>>
Hi All. Someone
pointed out a couple of issues to me in 10.5 that are also present in
10.6, so I am passing them along. Here is the first issue:

When the BANA template is being used, when reference page numbers are
present, and when a reference page number appears in the middle of the
page, the text that follows that reference page number is formatted as a
new paragraph (i.e. the first line is indented) even if that text is not
the start of a new paragraph. As evidence, several screen shots:

This first screen shot is from Word. I copied and pasted the sentence
"Here is a paragraph." 12 times to create a paragraph. Then I copied and
pasted my paragraph until it caused a soft page break to appear. All of
the text is formatted in the Body Text style.

When I imported my document into Duxbury using its BANA template, the
text that follows the reference page break is indented as can be seen in
this screen shot of the print:

And, not surprisingly, it is present in the braille as well, as can be
seen in this screen shot:

Take care. Joanie

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