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  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 00:19:44 +0100

Hi Peter,

I guess I'd better try and follow Jack's lead here.

1. What are your favorite new features of DBT 10.5?

a) Unicode support.
b) Cursor staying in position with the text between text and
braille file.
c) Cursor locator.
d) Multiple embosser support.
e) "Sticky Document Information"
f) Multi-lingual support.

2. What features do you most wish we'd included?

a) An undo.
b) Megadots's Table handling.
c) Megadots file importer.
d) Updated the Styles.  e.g. It would have been nice to see
a Style for the new vertical page centering feature/Code.
e) Saving of Custom TOC.

3. Was the beta testing period long enough?  Was it too

About in line with other Beta programs I've been on.
However, perhaps in future the "timing" of the period could
avoid major holiday periods.  I know Sweden, France &
Germany virtually close down for 3-4 weeks in the Summer.  I
also suspect we missed a lot of input from teachers because
of this.

4. Were we responsive to your requests during beta testing?

Absolutely!  Better than that of another product I use, but
won't name - and they are quite good.

5. We know of problems with our partners site that sometimes
prevented downloads.  Other than fixing these, how might we
improve our beta test program?

I believe specific areas of testing should be allocated to
For example:-
a) I didn't see very comments about Search & Replace
problems, and yet there were one or two significant bugs
early on.  One feature of S&R even went "missing"!
b) I didn't see many comments on Language Tables other than
French French.
c) Templates - major changes to this feature, very few
d) "Sticky Document Information" - did anyone comment, yet a
major feature.
e) Embossing - enough said!
f) Help Files - perhaps everyone knew it all already,
suggesting the need for small group of complete novice

Just my two cents worth.

George Bell.

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