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  • Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:12:51 -0500

        Actually, I really think the concept of groove level and
variation needs to be extended to all components of Direct Music. For

        Groove level for segment trigger or segment tracks
        Groove level for chord maps
        Groove level for Chords
                - scripted this in AC2
        Groove level for band tracks

        As for using chord progressions with wav tracks, the way we've
done it is to embed the chord progression in the segment with the wav
track and play it as primary. Then, anything we want to trigger is done
as secondary segments, and follows the referenced chord track. We then
create all our chord maps as primary segments, and pick them based on
scripting controls, which can look at things like groove level to
determine which 'chord map' is appropriate..

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Yup, I was dissapointed with this as soon as DX8 came out.  I was
suprised there were no wave tracks available in a style.

Something else I have been wanting recently was a variation choices
section for waves.  That way I could have the appropriate wave play for
different chords.  With the current setup you really can't use chord
progressions and waves unless you have the wave playing some kind of

-Scott Morgan

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From: "Jason Booth" <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [directmusic] One for the suggestion books...

> Groove level support for wav tracks. I can import a set of wavs for=20
> pattern variation, but can't set groove levels on the track. So=20
> instead I'm going to have to script it all, which is a real pain for=20
> something that's so well supported elsewhere, and one of the primary=20
> ways to organize content..

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