[directmusic] Re: Note sustain cuts off after second looping of the sequence

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DirectMusic handles overlapping notes (which you are using) by just
watching the MIDI note on and note off events, which may cause
unexpected results if you're not used to dealing with MIDI.  What you
are doing is generating this at the MIDI level (assuming you're playing
a C4):

Bar  Beat  MIDI message
1    1     C4 Note on
5    1     C4 Note on
8    4.999 C4 Note off (from the note on at bar 1, beat 1).   This cuts
off both notes.
9    1     C4 Note on
12   4.999 C4 Note off (from the note on at bar 5, beat 1).   This cuts
off both notes.
13   1     C4 Note on

You'll note that this effectively means that the notes are just four
measures long.  This was deemed a better behavior than having
DirectMusic try and guess which Note On the Note Off should apply to
(the synthesizer has no way of knowing if it applies to the one from bar
1 or from bar 5).

I can think of two possible other ways of doing this that should work:
1) In the DLS collection, set the release phase of the instruments to as
long as possible.  This should allow the instruments to complete
themselves, even after the MIDI note off message cuts them off early.
However, this keep you from being able to "cut off" the notes abruptly.
2) Try looping a 8 measure segment (plus 4 "extension" bars), with a
note on PChannel X starting at bar 1, beat 1, with a duration of 8
measures, and another note on PChannel Y starting at bar 5, beat 1, with
a duration of 8 measures.  This will keep the notes from overlapping
each other.


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Hello All


I am trying to create a simple segment in DirectMusic Producer with


   A band track consisting of a custom DLS collection
   A tempo track with default tempo setting of 120 bpm
   A sequence track containing a single note of a custom instrument
selected from my DLS collection

The length of the sequence track is 4 bars with 4 extra (extension)
bars. The sequence consists of only one note over 8 bars, but the
segment is set to loop at 4th bar (I want the sequence to loop at bar 4,
but I added 4 extra bars for the sustain on the note). The selected
instrument (and its sounds) has a significant sustain (the sound
sustains over a period more than 4 bars - about 5 bars).


When the segment plays for the first time, it plays well (the sustain
from the note remains even after the sequence starts looping after bar
4). But from the second iteration onwards, the note cuts off completely
at 4th bar (no sustain) and the loop starts again (without any sustain
from the last iteration). I want the sustain to remain in the next
iteration as well. How do I achieve this? Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for your help



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