[directmusic] Re: IreferenceClock::AdvisePeriodic (Not implemented ?!!!)

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  • Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 09:16:22 -0800

It's really not implemented. The implementation of IReferenceClock is
there specifically for the GetTime() method. With DirectMusic, there
should be no need to set up a timer that wakes you up at specific
intervals because you can send and receive everything with time stamps. 


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Hello the llist . 
I try to acces to the interuption of the iReferenceclock of the
performance. I want it wake me at a defined period , so as I saw in the
sdk I use the AdvisePeriodic function.
What is my surprise to see the result : E_NOTIMPL !
My Question is : Is this function is really not implemented or I 'm
doing something wrong ?
Here is a sample code:
// --- Init MasteClock --- //
LPGUID  MasterClockGuid = 0;
if (m_pMusic8->GetMasterClock(MasterClockGuid, &m_pMasterclock) != S_OK)
      return false;
if (m_pMasterclock->GetTime(&m_PlayTime) != S_OK)
      return false;
REFERENCE_TIME rtPeriodTime = 10000000; // A one-second interval
DWORD          dwAdviseToken;
HANDLE         hSemaphore = CreateSemaphore(NULL, 0, 0x7FFFFFFF, NULL);
hr = m_pMasterclock->AdvisePeriodic(m_RefStartTime, rtPeriodTime,
hSemaphore, &dwAdviseToken);
At this point hr = E_NOTIMPL

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