[directmusic] Re: Future of this list

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Yes, that would be a great idea. - I was non-contributing part of the 
list (since I was working on a 3-d-audio-program those days), and 
remember how hard it was to find any valuable information. DirectMusic 
seemed to be a big black hole... So if Mr. Loeser offers an archive - 
 this would be a good idea. In case there's something like a forum 
needed I could offer that too.
(Look at  www.superfluxus.de It's still a calm place)
Best regards
Martin Burckhardt

David H. Loeser Jr wrote:

>I would hope that if the list does go away that the archives (if there are
>any) could be compiled and made available in some manner, perhaps a web
>site?  If an archive is available I would be willing to make them available
>on my web site...
>Thanks go out to Bjorn.
>Dave Loeser
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>Thanks, Bjorn, for your work in maintaining the list.
>It's been useful to me in the past, but perhaps its time has come.
>Saul Bottcher.

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