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  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:31:59 -0000

The problem we were having was never pinned down 100% to one particular
thing, but band events certainly seemed to be contributing significantly.
Our performance tests showed big CPU spikes each time a segment was
triggered with a new band event, and somehow there was a cumulative effect
which had a big impact on the overall frame rate.

When we removed band events from the segments the spikes disappeared.

We defined the band globally by having a segment play right at the start
containing just a band event and triggering the first Primary Segment. As
long as you don't recreate the audiopath or change any band settings you
don't need to create the band again after that. I guess it's only a problem
if you are re-assigning pchannels as you go along, but I've never needed to
do that.

Hope that helps,

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..that band tracks were giving you and your dev team a few problems -
causing some glitch?

If you don't mind going over the same subject again; what was the problem?
And how did you sort it?

I seem to remember that you globally declared a band instead of use band
tracks on each segment.  Is this right?  Did you need to play a Band track
at least once?  Is this how you globally declare a band?

Anyone else had problems with this sort of thing?

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