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  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:34:32 -0000

that would definitely explain it - does it really download the instruments
again every time you play a band? that seems like a really weird way for it
to work...

I thought the point of AutoDownload was so that all content referenced by
the script was downloaded when the script loaded.

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Is there any chance you had the AutoDownload command turned on? It's a
feature that would cause each band to automatically cause a download of
its instruments when it played. Playback of a band should normally not
cause any spike because all it does is send program change events to the
synth which just stores them, so nothing active occurs.


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The problem we were having was never pinned down 100% to one particular
thing, but band events certainly seemed to be contributing
Our performance tests showed big CPU spikes each time a segment was
triggered with a new band event, and somehow there was a cumulative
which had a big impact on the overall frame rate.

When we removed band events from the segments the spikes disappeared.

We defined the band globally by having a segment play right at the start
containing just a band event and triggering the first Primary Segment.
long as you don't recreate the audiopath or change any band settings you
don't need to create the band again after that. I guess it's only a
if you are re-assigning pchannels as you go along, but I've never needed
do that.

Hope that helps,

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..that band tracks were giving you and your dev team a few problems -
causing some glitch?

If you don't mind going over the same subject again; what was the
And how did you sort it?

I seem to remember that you globally declared a band instead of use band
tracks on each segment.  Is this right?  Did you need to play a Band
at least once?  Is this how you globally declare a band?

Anyone else had problems with this sort of thing?

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