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  • From: Daniel Reynolds <danfromps2678@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 16:22:57 -0800

Dennis and friends,

    Though Dennis does not come right out and say so - I think he's eluding
to the fact that an iMAC, MAC Book, MAC Book Pro and all iOS devices DO
come with a screen reader - built right in - and "free" with the purchase
of the

     I own all iOS devices and will soon be the proud owner of a Mac Book
Pro with all the fixins.  I'm looking forward to learning VoiceOver across
the board and sharing what I learn with anyone who wants to know what I've

     The age of CLOUD COMPUTING is coming faster than most know.   The PC
Tower and even PC laptop - that require software downloads and maintenance
that cost a pretty penny - is coming to a close.  I'm sure of it.
Apple knows it and is building massive Cloud Computing Centers to support
whatever they decide works best in such an environment.


      Personally, I'm thrilled to know Dennis understands this and is
willing to help me open the door to many who may not realize just how fast
these changes will and are taking place  - especially as budgets tighten.

      I just read a wonderful book about this trend entitled:


which is available in KINDLE FORMAT.  Download KINDLE FOR PC ACCESSIBLE and
those who are total can have it read to them.  Learn
what the future holds -- and come on board with Dennis and me -- and let's
make it happen.   Waiting around is no longer an option.

And I thank you Dennis for expressing FACTS as I've come to know them -- in
a positive and most helpful manner.   The old ways were wonderful IN THEIR
TIME.  But to cling to them is to put an anchor around one's next --
leading only deeper into the cold blue sea of irrelevance


WOW...it's so neat to have this listserve to listen others opinions --  and
to express my own opinions -- and mind you when I write something it's only
that - 'my opinion' -- and I will always be very eager to listen to your
opinion WITH RESPECT and whether it agrees with mine or not.   Variety, as
they say, is the spice of life.  And Learning in these days is, for sure, a

And know, Dennis and I will be more than happy to share what we plan and
choose to do -- and will welcome YOUR support.  Vision, Imagination and
Desire are fine...but its the DOING!!!!! that counts.

Happy Jan 29.   I'll be at CSUN Feb 26-March 1 ... and then up to San Fran
for the CTEBVI Annual Conference from March 14-March 17 -- ready to listen
and learn all I can because the world of the Visually Impaired is very new
to me.  It's just so nice to have you around as I get my bearings.

Daniel E. Reynolds
Jan 29 - 4:17 PM

On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 1:24 PM, Dennis Bartlett <dennis.bartlett1@xxxxxxxxx
> wrote:

> Hello all,
> We all have different methods of getting things done
> Dennis Bartlett
> Email:  dennis.bartlett1@xxxxxxxxx
> Skype:  dsbartlett
> Twitter:  dsbartlett
> Phone:  760.702.6643 .  I have found over the last 22 years of being
> involved in access technology that not one shoe fits everyone.  What works
> for me may not work for you,  but we all have to keep an open mind.  There
> just might be something you pick up that will help.
> Then there is practicality.  Am I going to carry a Brailler on vacation or
> for a day trip?  Probably not,  but I might have some moment of creativity
> that I want to put down.  An iPhone or iPad could certainly allow me to do
> this.
>  Can I receive email on my Brailler?  Not at this time,  although there
> are new Brailers that will allow me to send output to a regular printer.
>  Do I need a dedicated notetaker at current prices?  Absolutely not,  but
> if that's what you want,  and you have unlimited resources then go for it.
> Personally,  given governmentt cutbacks off-the-shelf technology makes
> much more sense.  Should I buy a new Windows PC then spend three times the
> amount that the PC costs for a screen reader?  If the government is paying
> for it,  of course,  that's what will happen.  Wouldn't it make more sense
> to pay a little more for a computer that has a fully functional screen
> reader,  and screen magnification include?  This makes sense to me,  but
> not the government.
> These are just a few thoughts for us to think about as we make our choices
> in the technology we use.

Daniel E Reynolds

EMAIL: danfromps2678@xxxxxxxxx

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