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Proofs in the Pudding as they say...

$99 bucks a year and you have it all - direct from the CLOUD.




On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 4:22 PM, Daniel Reynolds <danfromps2678@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Dennis and friends,
>     Though Dennis does not come right out and say so - I think he's
> eluding to the fact that an iMAC, MAC Book, MAC Book Pro and all iOS
> devices DO come with a screen reader - built right in - and "free" with the
> purchase of the
> hardware.
>      I own all iOS devices and will soon be the proud owner of a Mac Book
> Pro with all the fixins.  I'm looking forward to learning VoiceOver across
> the board and sharing what I learn with anyone who wants to know what I've
> learned.
>      The age of CLOUD COMPUTING is coming faster than most know.   The PC
> Tower and even PC laptop - that require software downloads and maintenance
> that cost a pretty penny - is coming to a close.  I'm sure of it.
> Apple knows it and is building massive Cloud Computing Centers to support
> whatever they decide works best in such an environment.
> *http://computer.howstuffworks.com/google-apple-cloud-computer.htm*
>       Personally, I'm thrilled to know Dennis understands this and is
> willing to help me open the door to many who may not realize just how fast
> these changes will and are taking place  - especially as budgets tighten.
>       I just read a wonderful book about this trend entitled:
>      * THE BIG SWITCH*
> which is available in KINDLE FORMAT.  Download KINDLE FOR PC ACCESSIBLE
> and those who are total can have it read to them.  Learn
> what the future holds -- and come on board with Dennis and me -- and let's
> make it happen.   Waiting around is no longer an option.
> And I thank you Dennis for expressing FACTS as I've come to know them --
> in a positive and most helpful manner.   The old ways were wonderful IN
> THEIR TIME.  But to cling to them is to put an anchor around one's next --
> leading only deeper into the cold blue sea of irrelevance
> ----------.
> WOW...it's so neat to have this listserve to listen others opinions --
>  and to express my own opinions -- and mind you when I write something it's
> only that - 'my opinion' -- and I will always be very eager to listen to
> your opinion WITH RESPECT and whether it agrees with mine or not.
> Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.  And Learning in these days is,
> for sure, a TEAM EFFORT ALL THE WAY.
> And know, Dennis and I will be more than happy to share what we plan and
> choose to do -- and will welcome YOUR support.  Vision, Imagination and
> Desire are fine...but its the DOING!!!!! that counts.
> Happy Jan 29.   I'll be at CSUN Feb 26-March 1 ... and then up to San Fran
> for the CTEBVI Annual Conference from March 14-March 17 -- ready to listen
> and learn all I can because the world of the Visually Impaired is very new
> to me.  It's just so nice to have you around as I get my bearings.
> Daniel E. Reynolds
> Jan 29 - 4:17 PM
> On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 1:24 PM, Dennis Bartlett <
> dennis.bartlett1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> We all have different methods of getting things done
>>  Dennis Bartlett
>> Email:  dennis.bartlett1@xxxxxxxxx
>> Skype:  dsbartlett
>> Twitter:  dsbartlett
>> Phone:  760.702.6643 .  I have found over the last 22 years of being
>> involved in access technology that not one shoe fits everyone.  What works
>> for me may not work for you,  but we all have to keep an open mind.  There
>> just might be something you pick up that will help.
>>  Then there is practicality.  Am I going to carry a Brailler on vacation
>> or for a day trip?  Probably not,  but I might have some moment of
>> creativity that I want to put down.  An iPhone or iPad could certainly
>> allow me to do this.
>>  Can I receive email on my Brailler?  Not at this time,  although there
>> are new Brailers that will allow me to send output to a regular printer.
>>  Do I need a dedicated notetaker at current prices?  Absolutely not,  but
>> if that's what you want,  and you have unlimited resources then go for it.
>> Personally,  given governmentt cutbacks off-the-shelf technology makes
>> much more sense.  Should I buy a new Windows PC then spend three times the
>> amount that the PC costs for a screen reader?  If the government is paying
>> for it,  of course,  that's what will happen.  Wouldn't it make more sense
>> to pay a little more for a computer that has a fully functional screen
>> reader,  and screen magnification include?  This makes sense to me,  but
>> not the government.
>> These are just a few thoughts for us to think about as we make our
>> choices in the technology we use.
> --
> Daniel E Reynolds
> EMAIL: danfromps2678@xxxxxxxxx

Daniel E Reynolds

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