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  • From: Dennis Bartlett <dennis.bartlett1@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 13:24:12 -0800

Hello all,
We all have different methods of getting things done
Dennis Bartlett
Email:  dennis.bartlett1@xxxxxxxxx
Skype:  dsbartlett
Twitter:  dsbartlett            
Phone:  760.702.6643            .  I have found over the last 22 years of being 
involved in access technology that not one shoe fits everyone.  What works for 
me may not work for you,  but we all have to keep an open mind.  There just 
might be something you pick up that will help. 
Then there is practicality.  Am I going to carry a Brailler on vacation or for 
a day trip?  Probably not,  but I might have some moment of creativity that I 
want to put down.  An iPhone or iPad could certainly allow me to do this.  
Can I receive email on my Brailler?  Not at this time,  although there are new 
Brailers that will allow me to send output to a regular printer.  Do I need a 
dedicated notetaker at current prices?  Absolutely not,  but if that's what you 
want,  and you have unlimited resources then go for it.

Personally,  given governmentt cutbacks off-the-shelf technology makes much 
more sense.  Should I buy a new Windows PC then spend three times the amount 
that the PC costs for a screen reader?  If the government is paying for it,  of 
course,  that's what will happen.  Wouldn't it make more sense to pay a little 
more for a computer that has a fully functional screen reader,  and screen 
magnification include?  This makes sense to me,  but not the government.  

These are just a few thoughts for us to think about as we make our choices in 
the technology we use.

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