[DECtalk], Important Notice

  • From: "Horspool, Matthew F." <drjaws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 13:15:34 -0000

Written by Andre Louis, posted with his permission by Matthew Horspool:

Having moved the DECtalk archive to a faster server than that at my
home, I am now paying for it's bandwidth usage per month, and have
limited hard-disk space on said server.  If nobody is willing to help me
cover costs of the server and it's up-keep, then consider this archive
removed without notice.  It's all well me looking after it for you guys,
but I'm not even a Dectalk freak!  I couldn't care less about it, and I
primarily bought the server for my own personal music, not a lot of
synthesizers performing.  If nobody comes up with donations soon then
this part of the site will be removed, because it's close on half a
gigabyte in size, and I could do with the space.  Contact
for details on how to contribute to the site.  If nobody does, as stated
earlier, there will be! No! Dectalk archive.  This is no idle threat, I,
as Andre Louis, do reserve the right to remove it without warning.  And,
for you people who wish to set up a mirror?  Why do you think I put the
site up here in the first place?  This site if you hadn't noticed is on
a 20 megabit connection.  If you get speeds lower than 30 kbps consider
it a bad day for the server.  Nobody has thanked me, or commented, so I
assume you're all too stupid to notice or something.

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