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  • From: Shaun Everiss <shaun.e@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dectalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 04:32:44 +1300

I never knew that andre was up shit creek.
Ofcause I wish to help.
I'd host the archive myself.
I have most of it on my computer now, in fact except for a licence file and 
such, and probably some of the distribution software, i have all of it.
However I only have a 56 kb connection.
I don't have a server but will soon.
I plan to get a 256mb connection, woops I ment kb.
Its probably not enough.
And I will bee using stuff on it other computers etc.
At usagames we would bee happy to host.
Unfortunately tom ward is in the same boat as me.
A modem connection, and using a server with limited drive space.
However I will try to contact dave the admin, and see if we can come to some 
I must say this has come to quite a shock.
Dectalk was always there for granted.
Has anyone tryed at pdaudio.net.
They have a few bits, but they use outside support.
I wish they had cash to help.
But I don't at the moment.
At 02:15 a.m. 29/12/2004, you wrote:
>Written by Andre Louis, posted with his permission by Matthew Horspool:
>Having moved the DECtalk archive to a faster server than that at my
>home, I am now paying for it's bandwidth usage per month, and have
>limited hard-disk space on said server.  If nobody is willing to help me
>cover costs of the server and it's up-keep, then consider this archive
>removed without notice.  It's all well me looking after it for you guys,
>but I'm not even a Dectalk freak!  I couldn't care less about it, and I
>primarily bought the server for my own personal music, not a lot of
>synthesizers performing.  If nobody comes up with donations soon then
>this part of the site will be removed, because it's close on half a
>gigabyte in size, and I could do with the space.  Contact
>for details on how to contribute to the site.  If nobody does, as stated
>earlier, there will be! No! Dectalk archive.  This is no idle threat, I,
>as Andre Louis, do reserve the right to remove it without warning.  And,
>for you people who wish to set up a mirror?  Why do you think I put the
>site up here in the first place?  This site if you hadn't noticed is on
>a 20 megabit connection.  If you get speeds lower than 30 kbps consider
>it a bad day for the server.  Nobody has thanked me, or commented, so I
>assume you're all too stupid to notice or something.
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