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Approach radio stations (try to talk directly to the producers/presenters of specific programmes that cover local events) to see if they would like a couple of your panellists to discuss the issues on air..?

I'm planning to get the Cyprus panellists on air next week  :)

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That's what we have just done. We've sent a press release to major Hungarian
newspapers, contacted a journalist, we are writing a blog about the event
and put it on community site sas well. Any other ideas?

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Country coordinators don't have to write a press release but would be very
helpful to the whole project if you took the press release Rosie wrote and
put a paragraph about your country in in the place where Rosie wrote about

Journalists will be particularly interested in your panel, who they are, why
they're involved, what struggles they have overcome, what makes them

It doesn't have to be long, one paragraph will be fine.  Put it on Rosie's
press release and email it to newspapers, radio stations and bloggers.  If
you can, call the most important ones afterwards to make sure they received

The more publicity we can get for this the more everyone benefits.  We
benefit, you and your panellists benefit, of course the environment
benefits.  This is a really great project with great people involved.
Let's tell the world it exists.


2009/12/8 MARIANA ALMEIDA <selvaeco@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Dear Rosie,

I received your Press Release and also the article from today's Cyprus
Mail which is a very good point for the debate.

The press release is very good Rosie, can you please reply me at your
very earliest convenience if all the country's coordinators have to
write a press release? Where we can send it once it will be ready? I
assume that the press release written by you is for your country's
newspaper and here in Ecuador we are having problems with the
government who is trying to manage our right to be informed or to give
information to the press.

I will really appreciate your reply and on behalf of the Planet, thank
you very much for your efforts,

Yours sincerely

SELVA-Vida Sin Fronteras
Mariana Almeida

El 12/8/09 7:04 AM, "Rosie Charalambous" <caracal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm chivvying up my panellists .. hoping when the school day finishes
they will get more involved!

Attached is an article from today's Cyprus Mail - I posted it on the
CC wave, but not sure if you have time to check those now, so
attaching here also - I thought it might be a good starting point for a


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Our first debate has gone live. The subject is ³Is the Copenhagen
conference going to be a success?² And we want to know what you think.

Please visit this Wave and tell your panellists to visit too:

It is very, very, important everyone reads the instructions on each
Wave. Last minute technical hitches mean we¹ve had to go for a more
manual approach and this could make the Waves confusing. As a
result, we may need to delete blips on occasion in order to keep a
Wave on topic.

We will never delete blips because we disagree with a comment or
because we don¹t want to hear what people think. But only to keep
the discussion as smooth-running as possible.

All tips, hints and ideas on how to make the process smoother are
very welcome.


020 3393 7223 | 07956 292 567
Wave: david23crane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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